Equine & Animal Portraits
Pastel Artist based in East Yorkshire, UK

Welcome to DeeDackelsArt

I love to create equine and animal portraits all professionally hand drawn by myself using pictures supplied to me by you, my clients, or reference photographs that I have permission to use if it's for something different like wildlife. 
I am also exoring a new line of art, drawing motorbikes. These will be random bikes, chisen from reference photographs that I like so people who love a certain make or type of bike are able to purchase a print or original as they please. I'm not sure what direction this new project will take but maybe a few rally cars might fall into these portraits too

If your wondering about our name DeeDackelsArt, let me explain. Dee from my name, Dackel is from my little support/service dog which is a dachshund, otherwise known as a sausage dog, or dackel, and art well, that bits obvious. As you can see from my photograph and our website, my dackel otherwise known as Moomin, is a huge part of my life and is my biggest supporter when it comes to my art, she loves nothing more than keeping me company while I draw, or is that the other way around? 

I hope you enjoy my art and our website and if you need to enquire regarding any information please don't hesitate to contact me.

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I've written about change in the first post in July, I wrote about trying things new, well I've now started my first new pieces.

Firstly, hello to everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping healthy.

A June Update


I hope that everyine is doing ok in these testy times and staying not only healthy but sane too 😊

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