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Dee's Story

My art, experiences & my values

I have drawn for as far back into my childhood as I can remember. I only really concentrated on drawing and painting cartoon characters or scenes, however after a big change in my life which came from a long battle, 12 years at this point, with cancer and then radiation disease, which was due to my treatment,  I decided to try a change with my art and challenge myself to do something new. My illness incapacitated me to the level that I was unable to do very much at all not just physically but mentally too.  However, 5 years into my illness I was placed in a wheelchair and was left with a number of disabilities, this changed my life dramatically.  After I was well enough I had to make many changes, there were many hobbies that I could no longer do, so it was the perfect time for me to concentrate on my artwork once more. 

I drew a few realistic pictures of horses, a dragon and a few other things, but decided that I really wanted to achieve something with my art and felt that to do that I needed to make some changes.  This was a huge change for me and an even bigger challenge, as at the time I'd made this decision I actually hadn't drawn anything for over 12 years, as a youngster I had never been able to draw animals with great success, and they had always turned out to look like a cartoon rather than realistic.

I decided to try and keep trying and moved on to drawing Equine & Animal Portraits at the end of 2018, drawing in polychromos coloured pencil, practising daily for around 12 hours a day, sometimes more.  I picked up on my technique and before long I was moving up in quality and standard and found that I was truly finally enjoying my art more than I ever had before.  However as much as I liked using the polychromos coloured pencils I just wasn't as happy as I had hoped I would be so I decided to try soft pastels and I haven't looked back since. All my commissions apart from the very first 3 are created in soft pastels and my art has grown and improved over the last year plus, that I truly couldn't be happier.

What I hope to Achieve

An artists dream

My dream was to create artwork that's to a high enough standard that I was able to create commissions for clients that meets their vision of a portrait.
When I started getting portrait/commission requests, I was totally blown away by the support and kindness of people and have truly enjoyed creating these pieces for clients. I still hope to keep on creating Equine & Animal Portraits as commission pieces but I also want to create portraits from random reference photographs to make prints and other items available to all and to broaden my audience and my subjects to not only animals but also machines.

I hope to bring happiness to people with my art by being the best that I can be, creating beautiful portraits for clients and eventually creating pieces that are of animals that are at risk and on the endangered list to raise money for the charities that support them.

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