A June Update


Hi all,

I hope that everyine is doing ok in these testy times and staying not only healthy but sane too ๐Ÿ˜Š

You may of noticed a little lapse in my posts recently and my drawing, I can only apologise for that and hope to get back to normal soon, but I'm currently going through some health problems at the moment with kidney issues. I've had a second scan with an injection of radiation to help show things more I guess. I had the injection first then had to wait 4 hours before I could have the scan, but that only took around half an hour, so not to long but wow do I suffer with my back when I'm lay on those scan beds. Jools was amazing as always and looked after me, helping me on and off the bed.

Whilst waiting to have the scan after the injection we spent a couple of hours with our dear friend Nic, sitting in the garden enjoying the sun, however it was so hot I drank a tonne of water, so I hope that didnt affect my scan in anyway as I'd be so annoyed if drinking so much had some affect on my kidneys and made it so it didn't show up the problems I've not only been having with my left kidney but with my right too.

Basically my left kidney, the docs felt had stopped working completely, but my right kidney was ok at the time of my last scan before this one, however since the last scan and this scan I have started having quite a lot of pain in my right kidney too which has put me on a path of total worry, hence worrying about drinking so much before the scan, that I flushed so much through it that its changed what the results may of been if i hadn't of drank so much, but I guess we'll see ๐Ÿ˜Š

Its been a good week or more since the scan so we're hoping that the results come in soon to find out whats happening etc. That way I can plan what to do for the future with drawing etc. 

I currently don't have any commissions in at the moment so I'm taking a little time to fo somethings I want to do, trying a new drawing material, which is Hahnemรผhle Velour paper, its like drawing on suade I think is the closest thing I can describe it too. I'm finding it very different to my other cards or paper that I've used, but i do like it and hope to brush up my skills on it with constant practice. Im currently drawing twi pieces, a hirse stood playing with a large ball, thiugh ive changed the background thats in the oicture I've used from a school with fencing to more of a paddock with bushes around him, trees in the background and though in the photo he's stood on what looks like soil, I'm thinking of mixing that up a bit with some grass too. 

My other piece is a small piece, where instrad of throwing away a cut iff of the vrlour thst id cut doen to the size i wanted, i decided to use the piece and drew half a tigers face on it so once finished it should be very detailed in the eye etc. I hope ๐Ÿ˜ As I said, I have drawn out the tiger, but I've not started the colour yet as I'm going to finish my horse first. Something I've never really done before is draw in a background as I usually draw a portrait onto coloured paper and leave it at that that, but I thought I'd have a change and see how it turned out. Something a little different whilst trying to become accustomed to the velour paper at the same time. 

One thing I have learned with velour is it's very floppy! I've had a think about things and how I can make it more firm so it's easier for framing etc. plus it will stop the portraits getting damaged. I've looked into the best ways and it seems most artists that use velour put it onto mounting board or a thicker foam board and fix it with double sided sticky tape. This piece was only really a practice piece so rather that fix this to a board its gone into my portfolio, however any pieces I do in the future I'll fix to board before starting the portrait so it will be ready to frame.
Enjoy this little A4 fun piece I drew and I'll post again real soon with my next piece which is something a little different.