Cabin Fever? Or Not?


Hi to everyone firstly and i hope that your all safe and well.

Times have been quite hard for some over the last weeks that theres been this countrywide lockdown.

So I thought I'd write a blog update and let you know how I've been doing at this time.

I've actually been on lockdown weeks longer than most as I'm such high risk due to my health problems. 

So have i started wheeling round the house naked in my wheelchair with my pants on my head, shouting bananas! bananas! bananas! 😡

No, is the simple answer. I've been in my home for about 3 months now, as i went for a scan at the hospital and then was ill for a few days with my kidney as the covid virus started to become more serious. At that time it was decided that i should stay home away from others. It turned out to be a wise decision as the full lockdown came only weeks later.

So how am i feeling, how am I coping? 

Well im feeling great to be honest, mentally. I'm actually used to being home for weeks or months at a time because if my health as i get very ill if I travel about to much and I become exhausted for days afterwards. Many people see me in my wheelchair chatting etc. and think I'm just fine, however when I'm ill I keep that from others, and I'm actually ill more days a week than I'm good most weeks. Theres a few very close friends who see me when I'm really bad as its just not pretty and i don't feel others need to see that. My fiance and daughter are by now, after 13 years of my health problems, used to seeing me bad and even when I'm super bad and have to go to hospital, their amazing with how calm and normal they stay, keeping me calm, and for that I'm so grateful. 

Since then end of last year I've been having problems with my kidney as i posted about in another post, so that has kept me in more than usual so i think I've been prepared over the years and months with staying at home so much and for so long that this lockdown hasnt really affected me in a huge way. I have found it a little unusual not seeing fiends or family, but in all honesty because of my health, I dont get out to visit people often, family live a long way off and friends often come to see me rather than me travel out to them, which is appreciated so much because they know of my struggles with getting out and about or how much i suffer afterwards. I think the strangest thing is when we go out on the bike, though the following two days after being out for a ride I'm usually super tired, my pain is actually not much worse than normal days, its going out in the car that seems to kill me, i don't know if its the difference in suspension or seating position, but something makes it very different for me. I do miss going out on the bike for sure! 

So what have I been doing to keep myself busy?

Well, drawing. Yes ive been either in bed with my drawing board when feeling bad with my kidney or back, or I've veen sat at my art table drawing away trying to get two art commissions done so I can start a new commission when new art materials arrive Tuesday. One is totally complete now and the other is almost at the completion point too so I might even get a day off before they do arrive. If not thats fine though. I am loving getting these commissions drawn and am actually hoping I get more orders in soon. If I don't it will give me chance to maybe get some portfolio art done while I wait to see if anything does come in for me to do. I'm hoping to create some pieces to get possible prints made up to put up for sale, especially one of this adorable little hedgehog I've found. So watch this space for future projects. I've also taken a couple of days for myself over the many weeks just to keep my health up and my strength goid as I've not been sleeping at all most nights on and off so I've been getting pretty burnt out over the days, so to make sure that I dont knock my already very low immune system to rock bottom and end up seriously ill, as that's one thing I need to avoid right now. 

The only other thing I've been doing is trying to post on social media when I've had time or been awake enough. To try and stay in touch with you guys and hoping i don't hear anyone is ill from Covid as I just dont want anyone falling from this awful virus.

Well I dont want to bore you all to death, just talking about nothing, so I'm off to rest now.

πŸ’•Stay safe everyone πŸ’•
πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–Thank you to each & everyone of you for your supportπŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’–

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Love From DeeDackelsArt & Moomin. Stay Safe Everyone.
Love From DeeDackelsArt & Moomin. Stay Safe Everyone.