Commission Complete..


I have enjoyed drawing this cute little dog so much that I'm actually sad to see it go.

I always get my portraits scanned by local framers (supporting my local small business 😊) before they go off to their new home, but sadly with this piece, because everything is closed I'm unable to get a scan, however I've taken some photographs of it and will get one of them added to my file if its needed in the future.

This portrait was probably my biggest challenge to date as I'd not had much experience with the long curly fur and the dogs beautiful golden/copper colour and it seemed a huge mountain to climb at the start of this piece, however, after a lot of trial and error I found the right colours to use and mix and had made some good progress on the commission. from the beginning to around halfway through.

This portrait has taken a few weeks+ to complete, sadly with all the problems that the Corona virus has caused, it did hold me up for a week or two more than I'd of liked, but I buckled down over the last week, working on the drawing from morning to early evening each day, and I managed to finish it yesterday (30/04/20) which made it possible to wrap it and package it ready to go out first thing Wednesday 1st April to go ofc yo its new home for framing and hanging.

I am really pleased with the final result and hope to have a chance at drawing more portraits of not just dogs, but cats, horses and all animals so i can continue to bring joy into other peoples lives.