Fluffy Pup Commission Finished


Hi everyone great to see you here!

My most recent commission is now finished and packaged ready to move on to its new home.

This commission was very different from anything I've drawn before and especially for a commission, however I have to admit, I've had so much fun drawing it, that I might do more of this style in the future. 

I started the commission feeling like I had a huge challenge ahead of me, but it really wasnt such a huge challenge once I'd found my technique and what worked so I was happy, more relaxed and I really enjoyed myself a lot.  I definitely might start doing some black and white pieces for my portfolio and as commissions in the future as I love the end result too.  

I dont feel like my style of art was lost just because I didnt use colour. I know that might sound a little daft but it was a little worry of mine because colour does add certain characteristics to a painting, but what I did find was that using black, white & grey added its own characteristics in a different way.

I thought drawing white on top of black would be so straight forward almost easy, but I couldnt of been more wrong. Firstly I found that I didn't just use white on the black paper, I used a couple of very very light greys, and I made a number of greys myself by mixing the black and white at diffrent degrees to get the almost black I needed or the almost white. I also found that I did just use my Stabilo, Faber Castell and CaranD'Ache pastel pencils but I also used my soft pastel sticks which were my Unison Color pastels and I used some of my Faber Castell hard pastel sticks too and they added so much different texture in lines and colour.

I am thinking of drawing a black and white in the future but adding colour to one snall part of the picture i.e: a pink nose, or one eye in striking ice blue but the other in black and white along with the rest of the picture, maybe even one small spot of colour in the fur etc. I wonder what people's thoughts on that would be?

So what next? Well I did have another commission lined up for after this one, but sadly the person it was being done for is very sick in hospital at the moment with Covid19 so that is on hold until people know the outcome, I just hope she gets better soon, not anything to do with my commission, but because I dont want anyone getting sick from this awful virus. It's ravaged through our world, our country, our cities, our towns and villages, through friends, family and loved ones and I just hope the number of people getting sick and the number of deaths keeps dropping till were at zero for both. I know it wont happen over night, I know its going to take time, months maybe even a year plus, before that will happen but I just hope it does happen and sooner rather than later for everyone's sake. 

Quick update on me and my health:

I'm doing ok. My pain levels have been a little raised at times but I think a lot of that is to do with weather, wet then warm, then windy and cool, any sort of damp weather, cold or wet weather sends my spine, knees, hips and hands into crazy mode. I woke this morning after 2 hours of sleep through the night, and my right knee was swollen and my leg just above and below the knee were swollen, half the the size again to the other leg. But I try not to let that get in my way of drawing and once I've done some movement with my hands, I'm good to go, and for my spine and other stuff, I always take my meds. 

My kidney is a bit of a different story. I don't have meds I can take for that, and though it was only bothering me about once every couple of months to once a month, its now getting more to once or twice every week at least and it's really affecting my sleep, which in turn affects my art and timing. the

I think once I have my artroom is up and running it won't be to bad, because if I wake at 5am I could get up and go out to my artoom and draw without it affecting anyone else, where at the moment I can get up and go to my art table but I have to work in silence and I make the slightest noise or bang I wake the dogs who in turn wake the whole house.  However, its been a couple of summers now since we brought home the building all taken down into flat sides, with windows etc. so I'm not feelingly to optimistic about it going up this summer either   My fiance has a lot on caring for me full time, my daughter when she needs anything, our friend across the riad who is also disabled, olus fixing people's bijes and cars when they need it. I don't mind him doing all that stuff, it earns him some extra pocket money Most of the time, unless hes doing it at the cost of his own time and labour. 

Anyway, here's the cute fluffy pup I've done most recently and for now I have some space to draw something for my portfolio or possible prints so I'm off to view some reference photos and make up my mind what to draw.

Take Care all and stay safe 💕

💖😊 Dee 😊💖

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