July Means Change


Firstly, hello to everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping healthy. 

After so many months in lockdown it's been so nice to have a little more freedom, and though there are some precautions in place just being able to get out and about, see the countryside, get some fresh air and enjoy the Green Goddess with my fiance has just been so lovely. For those of you who are wondering, the Green Goddess is my fiances motorbike, he's been involved in riding, building and fixing motorbikes from the age of about 15, so at just over 50 he's what I'd called extremely experienced and can fix anything that is fixable. I have been riding pillion with my fiance since we came together in 2007. I do have a trike of my own that I've enjoyed some great ride outs on with friends and a great weeks holiday where we went away with friends that I will hold in my memories for the rest of my life, but the time has come where she is now in retirement as I'm just not strong enough to control her myself any longer. Peggy will probably go up for sale sometime in 2021 and I have gone back to being pillion riding with my fiance as it takes no strength to sit on the back of her and enjoy the scenery.

Regarding my artwork and what's been happening there, well I've completed two commissions and sent them on to their owners, one we delivered by hand as it was to a dear couple that we've been friends with for sometime through the bike scene.  They absolutely loved there Cookie in her leather cut off and it just made my year to see them so happy too. The other piece is of a horse that is coming out of the darkness, some of it being in shadow. I had so much fun drawing this piece, it was something very different and I really started to get the feel for the Velour paper too, which really helped me get the piece to the quality I wanted it to reach.  That has now been backed onto a sheet of backing board to make it nice and firm, as velour is a very floppy material and left unbacked I'd be afraid it would damage the pastel if left, so backing it onto a hard backing board was the best thing I felt I could do to keep it in perfect condition. I actually got the tip from watching another artist and what they did with velour, though they actually stuck the velour onto the backing board before starting the actual portrait, something I will do in the future for sure. That piece has been sent on to its owner, so I look forward to feedback from that in the near future, though I've already had some via text message saying "fantastic". 

So as you may of seen the title of this months post mentions Change. Well I'm looking to make some changes with not only the subjects of my art, but also what I am creating them for. 

I have currently only been drawing pieces either for my own portfolio to keep, or for clients drawing portraits of their pets.  However in the future I am looking to open my options a little making prints available and other items that will hold my artwork on them for customers who might not want to purchase an original piece but would like to purchase a print or other item at a lower cost so they are still able to enjoy my art in their own way. Its my aim to not limit to only people purchasing original pieces as in this day and age not everyone can afford to do that, however a print will be so much lower in cost along with other items, which will also make it possible to enter people's homes in many different ways, and if I can bring a little light into a home, then I'm happy with what I've achieved. 

The other change that I am planning to make, is I will also be adding to the subjects that I draw, still drawing animals, but also drawing machines too. I've long wanted to try and draw a motorbike, so I'm going to give that a try and see firstly how it turns out and secondly if I even enjoy doing it, though I have a feeling that I'll certainly not have any problems with that as I just love to draw. The other possible subject that I may look at drawing are rally cars, but not so much your more recent rally cars, but more the classics going right back in time up to around the 90's.

I'm excited by the new challenges that I am to face whether it be new subjects or new products and I look forward to not only sharing my new subjects with you, but also any new updates regarding items that may become available in the future for people to purchase. 

I've uploaded the last two portraits I've completed in my Portfolio link to the right, but as always will upload pictures below for you to enjoy.

I hope everyone continues to stay well and healthy in mind and body, and look forward to seeing you guys in the future here and on my other social media pages.