Same Day, Different .....


Hi everyone, 

Firstly I want to say that I hope each and everyone of you are safe, healthy and doing ok, along with friends and family.

Things have been rather testy of late with the Covid19 problem all over the world making so many sick and taking so many lives that we've all had to make huge changes to the way we are living. I hope things will get back to some sort of normality soon, but I hope its also not rushed so that in a few months we are back in the same situation but worse as it would hit around the sametime as the flu virus putting a strain on our already stretched hospitals, staff, health workers, etc.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is an essential worker, no matter what your  job is, whether your a surgeon or a dustbin man, your jobs are essential to keeping us safe in many different ways and for that I thank your service. The people who are working in the line of fire at hospitals, doctors surgeries, nursing homes etc. your so brave and selfless, putting other lives before your own to keep people alive, functioning and able to continue with their lives, if it wasn't for your contributions this virus could kill so many more than it will.

To those who really don't understand what isolation is and are allowing their kids to ride around on the streets in groups, visiting friends and family instead of staying at home, socialising out and about or in each others homes, you are what I would call very silly and selfish. What your doing is risking not only your own lives, but the lives of your friends or families. I can't imagine how you would feel if someone close to you died from Covid because you took it into their home when visiting. You don't have to have symptoms to have covid, you can just carry it. It's also putting more of a strain on those who are trying to keep us safe so just think before you decide your going to go spend the day out with a friend etc. I wish people would just follow that simple instruction Stay At Home. The more people follow this simple instruction, the faster we can beat this virus and get back to living our lives.

Anyway, rant over and back to my artwork and me!

I've been busy working on 2 separate pieces at the moment and have loved drawing them both. They are both almost finished now and ready to go out to their homes, and then on with another lovely piece which I am excited about starting, a lovely black and white springer spaniel, a dog I've never drawn before but can't wait to get started and have some fun with.

The two pieces that are almost complete now are the beautiful little curly coated dog in black and white, and the dog in the leather cut off. I just hope both clients like their portraits and tell others about my artwork. I have been thinking of which way to take my art recently, do I stick with lifelike pet and animal portraits, or do I go down the line of having a bit of fun and drawing more animals in different attire? I just can't decide really. I do love drawing the little dogs in their jackets etc. however I also love to draw from a picture what I actually see. I've also been thinking of when my art room in up in the garden where I can work on much larger scales and make much more mess on a larger scale too! I have some sheets of board that I want to use up, one piece has already been allocated for a piece that I'll be doing for a surprise for someone, that won't be an animal portrait but actually a cartoon character which I'll be drawing in black ink rather than pastel, the other couple of sheets that I'll have left I'm going to draw an animal on a large scale, I'm just not sure what yet. I am thinking of a nice horse portrait on one of the boards, but the other I can't decide, but I think it will be a wildlife piece, maybe a large moose, buffalo etc. but something different I feel would be good, those pieces will be up on this page for sale once they've been completed, so watch this space for that, though please remember it will be a while, maybe even 2021 before they're ready for sale as I have to wait till my little art room is up and ready to be used. It would be great if I could just find the perfect summer house, outbuilding, or shed that's not only large enough to be an art room, but that we could just collect and get up in a day, sadly its never that simple though.

An update on my health as promised too. I'm doing ok, I'm suffering daily with exhaustion at the moment, through lack of a full nights sleep, and through the extra pain from my kidney that's on top of my already daily pain, so think its just taking it out of me at the moment, however I am still forcing myself to get up each day and do some drawing, and if I can't get up to do it, the the art comes to me, but however my health is, my artwork usually ends up in my hands and that makes me happy. I've not heard anything about the future operation yet, and I've got quite a few questions and concerns about it, but I trust my surgeon totally after being in his care for about 8 years now, and I've no doubt he'll put my mind at rest and in turn my families and friends.

So for now I'm signing off to get back to some drawing, and as soon as their owners have received their pieces I'll post them up for you all to see.

Please take care and be safe out there