The New Has Begun


I've written about change in the first post in July, I wrote about trying things new, well I've now started my first new pieces. 

The first new subject I'm drawing is a motorbike. I looked at many different subjects, landscapes, cartoon (though I'd rather stay away from this kind of drawing as I feel thats going backwards), buildings like fallen castle's or modern unusual buildings and things like a portrait from the view of a diver in the deep sea etc. 

I decided to settle on a motorbike in the end, drawing it on a sheet of A3 Vellum Board that is an off white in colour. It took me a full day just draw the outline and a bit of detail around the wheels where the brake pads are etc. Then the folliwing day I moved on to adding some colour. I may of been a little nieve regarding how much work this would take but so far I've been working on the bike for 3 days solid and have only completed the front end. Adding the very fine detail like the brake disc detail and pipes, wires etc are taking much longer than I thought they would but going slow is just fine with me, I'm having so much fun doing this piece and thats what art is all about for me.

I'll share where I've got with her so far (I've done some more detail on the actual drawing of the rear end since I took this photograph) and I'll keep you updated on more changes as I go. 

Today for a bit of fun I borrowed my daughter's Skyrim book and started drawing a couple of animals out if that if thats whst you can call them. A strange wolf-like creature and a weird looking walrus like creature too, though I'm not to sure what their actually known as. I know I said I was staying away from cartoon stuff, however these drawings are very different from Donald Duck and Scooby Doo. Again, just a bit of fun with pastels, anything to get covered in art materials. When I've completed the the two pieces from Skyrim I'll post them up, if they turn out ok, if not I'll probably try something with my messy pastels (pastels sticks) and just have fun making a mess, creating.

Finally, I'm thinking of drawing some different pieces and and maybe looking at adding them to somewhere like Redbubble or Etsy, I'm oing to do some looking around and see which works best for me. Being new to any selling site will be a struggle and I'm sure will take some building of customers but I'm still thinking its another way to go with my art as well as obviously still doing my commissions for any customers wanting pieces done.  

Enjoy what I've done so far and I'll keep you updated of any new news.

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