The Vulcan Update & Life


Firstly, i hope everyone is doing great and life is starting to take a turn back to normality.

Things here have been a slow of late as my kidney is causing more pain but also causing huge swelling in my leg, arms, hands and face. The leg just wont go down at all, however not being able to jog, jump about etc. doesnt help. 

I have been out on our Vulcan a few times for the day with my partner but the swelling only went down after doing 200+ miles and then it was only a tiny bit. 

The good news is I did finish my Vulcan piece of art and hope to be moving on to my next piece as soon as I'm up to it.  The next piece will be another large piece and I'm thinking of doing something from the wild, so watch this space

Here's the finished result, not bad for a first attempt of a bike and maybe I'll try and improve on it in the future.