Gallery 1 - Commission Pieces

These pieces are commissions that I've done over the last year, the oldest pieces being further down the page and done in a different medium to what I now use. Soft pastels are a much more suited medium for me and since using them I've made huge steps in my progress regarding the quality of my work which has resulted in much more demand for my artwork which I am more than happy to fulfil to bring happiness to others.

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New images added often, so keep visiting here to see whats new!

Gallery 2 - Portfolio Pieces

These pieces are from my personal portfolio and a just a couple that are in my drawing journal that I scribble in now than when I'm out enjoying the weather (when it's good).  Again the older pictures are further down, and just to show you the sort of thing that I used to draw many years ago, I have included the photographs that were taken of part of my daughters nursery that I did before she was born. Sadly the photographs from the other side of her room have disappeared over the years, but these two give you some idea. 

I have also included a couple of small canvases I did for my daughter for her room as she got older, she was very much a scooby and batman fan, plus a couple of christmas canvases I painted in acrylics to hang in the home around christmas. I don't really use acrylics at all anymore the last time being christmas of 2018 but they were a fun side of my art that I thought I'd share with you to show I'm quite versatile and getting more so with the more art that I draw.

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Sketchbook Fun

These pictures are just pieces that I've drawn when out and about, or sat at home to ill to get to my art table, or even when traveling around in the car. Anytime I can get to draw is a good time for me. It's all about practicing, trying new techniques, new materials, new mediums, and I keep records of everything in my little sketchbook. Its not neat, its not perfect, however it shows as time has passed how I've grown from acrylics and cartoons to, pencil, to animals, to coloured pencil, to pastels which I now work with. 

As I add more to  my sketchbook I'll update here for you.

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