Pricelist & Materials Used

Materials Used by Dee

Hahnemuhle Velour Paper (Most popular surface Dee works with)

Enriched with a highly innovative and unique surface - this versatile, finely textured, sandblasted, paper is perfect for pastel, charcoal, crayon, & acrylic artists.
Lightfast & age-resistant, this sensational paper performs beautifully when layering pastel pigments, using wet in wet techniques and mixed media work.

Velour Pastel Paper is suited to both pastels and oil pastels. This mixed colour pastel paper has a soft velour surface which gives this paper its unusual surface texture which is extremely popular with many pastel artists. The paper weight Dee uses 260gsm or 355gsm.  Both size sheets are available 10 different colours, however Dee tends to use only a few of these colours that suit her artwork best. The velour surface is produced using inert synthetic fibers on an acid free backing sheet. Velour holds pastel well and is very appropriate for soft edge work due to the nature of the longer fibered surface.  Premium Velour is acid free and archival.  

Strathmore Bristol Board Vellum (Used mainly for very large pieces)

Medium (Vellum) is suitable to use with graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, sketching stick, pen & ink, marker, soft pastel, mixed media, oil pastel, light wash and collage.

Created in 1893, Strathmore 500 Series 100% cotton bristol is an industry standard. Vellum surface has a toothy finish that is excellent for pencil, charcoal, pastel and oil pastel as well as pen, airbrush, and light washes. Strathmore fine art bristol boards have been the choice among sequential art professionals and award winning illustrators for years. Clairefontaine Pastelmat (Used by Dee as an alternative to the Velour)Clairefontaine Pastelmat Paper

Clairefontaine Pastelmat Paper

Pastelmat is a premium card surface (360gsm / 170lb) specially developed for pastelists. Its unique velvety surface, made from a fine coating of cellulose fibres, has the ability to grab and hold multiple layers of even the softest pastels. Clairefontaine Pastelmat is a revolutionary pastel painting surface, available in a variety of colours warm, cool or achromatic colours for every kind of subject with dry pastels. It brings new opportunities for pastel artists, offering a coarser surface than velour but a softer surface than sandpaper. You are able to multiply the layers without a saturation effect. It offers a smooth, velvety surface that delivers brilliant adherence when used with soft pastels.

This concept for the pastel market reduces the need for applying fixative between each layer, so you can add successive layers while still retaining the same vibrant colour. It's soft surface also means it is gentle on your pastels, fingers and any other tools that you use to manipulate your colour. It's texture falls between the softness of velour and the coarseness of sandpaper. It is also exceptionally durable, will stand up to rubbing and is also water-resistant. While specifically designed for use for pastels, this surface can also be used with charcoal or pencil.

Art Spectrum : Colourfix Original : Pastel Paper

The natural toothy surface of Art Spectrum Colourfix paper is a superb substrate for media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. .

This paper has been hand primed and dried, as a result, it may slightly curl, however Dee works with all her work taped down to her drawing table and this usually resolves any curling of the edges. .

Paper weight: 300gsm hot pressed European watercolour paper, screen printed with Art Spectrum Colourfix Primer, making 340gsm pastel paper.




(Postage to be included to all portrait prices once confirmed)




(Postage to be included to all portrait prices once confirmed)



(postage to be included to all portrait prices once confirmed)



(postage to be included to all portrait prices once confirmed)

Payment of Portrait

Deposit Payment of 50% for portraits size A4 - A3 is to be received on agreement of purchase Before the portrait is started.

Full Payment for portraits sizes A2 and larger is to be received on agreement of purchase Before the portrait is started.

(sadly due to portraits being created and then not paid for I had to change payment from upon completion to before it is started)


I try not to send any portraits framed because the risk to the glass getting broken and the portrait damaged in transit is too high, however if your within driving distance of Dee (distance to be agreed upon), then delivery can be arranged at the cost of covering our fuel costs.

If you, the client, are happy to risk a piece being framed and posted to your home, DeeDackelsArt is not responsible for any damage caused to the portrait or frame when in transit, though all pieces will be wrapped with extra protection to try to ensure a successful delivery including the glass being taped so if it is broken in transit, it will hopefully prevent it from falling onto the portrait and cutting or scratching it.

Prices for framing differ depending on the size of the frame and style and all prices are to be added to the cost of the portrait and will be confirmed to the client once the frame and border have been chosen, agreed upon and a quote sent by my framers confirming cost.

Border Only

The cost of a border will increase with the size of the portrait and the price is dependent on the agreed price, & sonce the required size border to fit the portrait has been confirmed. All borders are cut professionally to size so they fit the portrait beautifully, giving your portrait that special finished touch. Prices will be confirmed once colour and size have been agreed with the client.


All portraits that are to be posted to the client will be packaged to protect to piece whether it be framed, has a border or is just the portrait itself.

Portraits will be covered with glassine paper to protect it from any smudging or marks and is then placed into a sealed clear sleeve. This is then wrapped in coloured decorative tissue paper, which is then placed on and wrapped in a sheet of bubble wrap. It is then placed inside cardboard sheeting, which is wrapped and sealed around the portrait to try ensure as much protection as possible. The finished sealed parcel is then marked with "Fragile" printed tape to warn all people when handling the parcel, that they need to take extra care.

Prices for postage will differ depending on size and weight of the parcel and will be included onto the price of the portrait.

Tel:(+44) 07923036968 

Tel: (+44) 07923036968
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