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Art Progress & Weekly Updates

A record of my art from when I started drawing, my first piece, up to the present day with my most recent Commissions.

Click on each title to read Dee's blog, with descriptions of each piece and photographs.

Sorry I've been absent for little over a year but I've been suffering with some health issues. I'm almost there now and have done a few drawings already this year starting with the Oranda. I've gone on to draw amphibians, mainly frogs which have been posted in my portfolio. A write up will come soon.

Rough Sleeper


After some contemplating and a small break from my art table, I made my decision on what my next subject would be for a portraait. The first thing I knew was I'd be drawing some kind of animal, after the bike portrait, even though I'd had fun drawing it, I just don't think my heart was into it as...

I've written about change in the first post in July, I wrote about trying things new, well I've now started my first new pieces.

Firstly, hello to everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping healthy.

A June Update


I hope that everyine is doing ok in these testy times and staying not only healthy but sane too 😊

Firstly I want to say that I hope each and everyone of you are safe, healthy and doing ok, along with friends and family.

I have enjoyed drawing this cute little dog so much that I'm actually sad to see it go.

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